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Chester Beatty Papyri: New and Fully Photographed

Chester Beatty Papyri: New and Fully Photographed

I’m delighted to be able now to release news of a truly important project completed:  The completion of the digital photographing of the remarkable cache of ancient papyri housed in the Chester Beatty Library (Dublin).  These papyri include portions of biblical manuscripts that are among the earliest extant, both OT and NT writings, and many other extra-canonical texts as well.

I approached the CBL earlier this year about this, and the CBL Director, Dr. Fionnuala Croke, enthusiastically agreed to take the project forward.  On my recommendation, it was given to Dr. Daniel Wallace and his team in the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (Dallas, Texas).  You can read his press-release on the CSNTSM here.

  • CSCO Team,
  • 18th September 2013


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