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Human Memory and the Gospel Tradition – Upcoming CSCO Lecture

Human Memory and the Gospel Tradition – Upcoming CSCO Lecture

Professor Rob McIver (Avondale College), “Human Memory and the Gospel Traditions: Could they Really Have Remembered What Jesus Did and Said 30 to 50 Years Later When the Gospels Were Written?”

Associate Professor Dr Robert K. McIver has had had a varied career, starting his professional life as a teacher of high school mathematics in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Since then he has been a student (for the second time), a youth pastor, a student (for the third time), and a lecturer. Since 1988 he has worked at Avondale College of Higher Education in Cooranbong NSW Australia, lecturing mainly in biblical studies and New Testament Greek, but often enough in systematic theology, ethics and philosophy.

Rob enjoys research and writing, and has published articles in academic journals such as the Journal of Biblical Literature, New Testament Studies, professional journals such as Ministry, Adventist Heritage, and in popular journals.  He has published several books, including Mainstream or Marginal: the Matthean Community in Early Christianity; Memory Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels; Ezekiel: Through Crisis to Victory; The Four Faces of Jesus; and Beyond the Da Vinci Code.

His degrees were earned at Canterbury University (BSc), Avondale College (although the degree was in affiliation with Pacific Union College, California; BA[Theol]), London University (BD[Hons]), and Andrews University (MA, PhD).

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