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PT. 2: Professor Hurtado on “Destroyer of the gods”

In PT. 2, Professor Hurtado discusses the unique qualities of early Christians in the Roman world, and in particular shows how Christians were unique in relation to their Jewish counterpart. Share Post:

Professor Foster’s Commentary On Colossians Is Out Today

Join us in celebrating Professor Paul Foster’s newest commentary on Colossians. His commentary is part of the Black’s New Testament Commentaries series and a wonderful addition. At the end of September, CSCO will be releasing a four-part video series interviewing Professor Foster as he discusses the nuances of his commentary. Until then, you can purchase […]

Coming Autumn 2016

Please, help us here at CSCO to spread the word about this upcoming year. We look forward to stirring some fresh and interesting conversation about Christian origins through regular videos, blogs, and podcasts. Be sure to share our blog and social media sites with your friends. Share Post:

Performance of the Letter to the Romans

PhD student at New College, Sarah Agnew, is undertaking an examination of Biblical Performance Criticism, with a performance of the letter to the Romans as a test case for analysing her own practice as a storyteller discerning meaning in biblical compositions through embodying them for performance with a live audience. The main performance is open […]

School of Divinity Opening Lecture 2015

Professor Helen Bond delivered this year’s opening lecture for the School of Divinity, her inaugural lecture after receiving her professorship. With the title ‘Paragon of Discipleship or Parody of Kingship? Simon of Cyrene in Mark’s Gospel,’ it is now available to watch online. Share Post:

  • CSCO Team,
  • 30th September 2015

Call for Papers: BNTC New Testament and Second Temple Judaism Seminar

We at Edinburgh are proud to be hosting this year’s British New Testament Conference (3-5 September 2015); see for conference details. I am chair of the New Testament and Second Temple Judaism Seminar of the BNTC, which promises several very interesting sessions this year. We will have one on the hypothesis of a continuing […]

N. T. Wright on New Testament PhD Programs in the UK

We don’t like to blow our own trumpets here at Edinburgh – we let N. T. Wright do it for us. Over at the Jesus Blog, Tom was asked where in the UK he recommended for a PhD in New Testament. This is what he had to say: I sort of declare an interest here. […]

Chancellor’s Fellowship in New Testament/Christian Origins at Edinburgh

I see where Prof Hurtado has posted about the recently advertised Professorship in New Testament at Groningen and the Senior Lectureship in New Testament at Durham. For our part, we are very happy to announce a search for a Chancellor’s Fellow in New Testament and/or Christian Origins at Edinburgh. (From this page, click through to the “School of Divinity” link for the […]