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New Publications

(Larry Hurtado):  My colleagues are too modest to do so, but I point to some recent publications by CSCO colleagues.

First, a new multi-author book edited by my colleague, Dr. Paul Foster:  Early Christian Thinkers:  The Lives and Legacies of Twelve Key Figures (London:  SPCK, 2010).  In this collection, the figures included are Justin (Paul Parvis), Tatian (Paul Foster), Irenaeus (Denis Minns), Theophilus of Antioch (Rick Rogers), Clement of Alexandria (Judith Kovacs), Tertullian (Everett Ferguson), Perpetua (Sara Parvis), Origen (Rebecca Lyman), Cyprian of Carthage (J. Patout Burns), Hippolytus of Rome (Ulrich Volp), Grregory Thaumaturgus (Michael Slusser), and Susebius of Caesarea (Timothy Barnes).  The chapters originally appeared as articles in a series published in Expository Times.

This volume follows on from an earlier multi-author volume edited by Foster:  The Non-Canonical Gospels (London:  T&T Clark, 2008), which includes contributions on Non-Canonical Gospels and New Testament Apocrypha:  Currents in Early Christian Thought and Beyond J.K. Elliott), The Gospel of Thomas (April DeConick), the Gospel of Peter (Paul Foster), the Gospel of Mary (Christopher Tuckett), Jewish-Christian Gospels (Andrew Gregory), The Gospel of Philip (Paul Foster), two chapters offering different views on the Gospel of Judas (Simon Gathercole and April DeConick), the Protevangelium of James (Foster), The Infancy Gospel of Thomas (Tony Chartrand-Burke), Papyrus Egerton 2 (Tobias Nicklas), the Fayum Gospel (Thomas J. Kraus), Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 840 (Michael Kruger), and Secret Mark (Foster).

Both books make excellent resources for students and general readers, and even handy for quick consultation and updating by scholars.

I also mention a new critical edition of Justin’s Apology co-edited by Denis Minns and my colleague here Paul Parvis:  Dennis Minns and Paul Parvis, eds., Justin, Philosopher and Martyr: Apologies (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009).  The volume is now “must” to consult on Justin’s Apology, with intriguing proposals about text-critical matters, and very helpful exegetical notes.

  • CSCO Team,
  • 16th September 2010

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