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The Parables of Jesus (Amy-Jill Levine)

Professor Amy-Jill Levine sat down with us to discuss the understandability and line of tradition of Jesus’ parables. We also hear about Professor Levine’s “favourite” parable.  

  • CSCO Team,
  • 19th May 2017

What To Do With The Pauline Book?

In its modern form, the study of Christian origins has been dominated by the study of the apostle Paul. Take, for instance, Johannes Weiss’s précis of nineteenth-century scholarship on Christian origins, written in 1917: ‘’The history of primitive Christianity is usually written as the history of St. Paul’ (Primitive Christianity, 1). Or, one might say, […]

  • CSCO Team,
  • 10th May 2017

Paul the Letter-Writer: Recent Studies

One resource that all students of Christian Origins should know about is the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, the wonderful online review journal that covers scholarly works across a very wide spectrum of the ancient world:  A review of a very recent book illustrates two of the advantages of this review service:  Steve Reece, Paul’s […]

  • CSCO Team,
  • 27th April 2017

Playboy, Barth, and Obama: James Carleton Paget Talks Schweitzer

Dr. James Carleton Paget (University of Cambridge) talks Schweitzer’s life and academic contributions.

  • CSCO Team,
  • 23rd April 2017

Jesus: A Very Brief History (Book Notice)

What do you put into a short book on the life and legacy of Jesus of Nazareth? And, perhaps more importantly, what do you leave out? Around 18 months ago I was approached by SPCK publishers to write Jesus: A Very Brief History. My book would be one of the first of a new series […]

  • CSCO Team,
  • 20th April 2017

The Resurrection: History and Myth (PT. 3)

In this final video of our “Resurrection” series, Dr. Alison Jack discusses the important differences between history and “myth” as it relates to the resurrection.  

  • CSCO Team,
  • 14th April 2017

Resurrection Roundtable (PT. 2)

In this second part of our “Resurrection” series, Professor’s Helen Bond and Larry Hurtado along with Dr. Sara Parvis sit down for a roundtable discussion on some contentious and riveting topics related to resurrection in the New Testament and early Christianity. *We do apologise for Professor Hurtado’s audio levels being low and hollow. We had […]

  • CSCO Team,
  • 12th April 2017

Resurrection in Judaism (PT. 1)

In this first installment of the CSCO Easter Series “Resurrection,” Professor Timothy Lim examines the language and historical trajectory of resurrection within Judaism.  

  • CSCO Team,
  • 10th April 2017

John and the Synoptics: Are We Really Still Asking That Question?

Once when discussing my thesis on John’s relationship to Mark, a fellow student enquired, ‘are we really still asking that question?’ And the answer – ‘yes, yes we really are’. So I would like to take this opportunity take you on a whistle-stop tour of ‘John and the Synoptics’ across the millennia, which will in […]

  • CSCO Team,
  • 5th April 2017

Ancient Masculinity

In this newest video, Dr. Karin Neutel (University of Oslo) discusses ancient masculinity and circumcision. Be sure to view this helpful video.

  • CSCO Team,
  • 25th March 2017