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Early Christian Art: Yale Dura Europos Frescoes

Early Christian Art: Yale Dura Europos Frescoes

(Larry Hurtado): I pass on a notice (from Rod Mullen) that Yale University Art Gallery has completed a renovation and among items on display are frescoes from the Dura Europos baptistry (3rd cent CE). They have also now posted online images of these frescoes: here.

You can search for specific images by using the following numbers:

1932.1200   -Good Shepherd with Adam and Eve
1932.1201a   -Women at the Tomb, left side
1932.1201b   -Women at the Tomb, center
1932.1201c   -Women at the Tomb, right side
1932.1202   -Christ healing the paralytic
1932.1203   -Christ walking on water
1932.1204.1a   -David and Goliath
1932.1204.2   -Woman at the well
Fully updated images will appear by about February next year, and higher resolution images may be obtained from

  • CSCO Team,
  • 17th December 2012

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